What’s Good? 2.21.11

So, I have good music for you today~ AHHHH!!!! Can you tell I’m excited? Advertisements


I have been really busy with my high school work lately, I’m a Senior, and third quarter is the hardest! I’ll update on a couple things this weekend since I have a few things to talk about. Sorry!

What’s Good? 2.4.11.

Just know dear reader that you’re “Not Alone”. In my eyes you are my “V.V.I.P.”

Happy (LATE) lunar new year!

I hope everyone is blessed with a great year! 😀 and I’m currently in the works of what I should be doing next :3 So I’ll post a picture.

“SECRET GARDEN”!!!! drama review.

Let me say this one thing towards Hyun Bin before any one reads this… what a mighty fine man. Alright proceed in your reading!!


I will be gone and not updating in till the 24th. Please look forward to my “SECRET GARDEN” review along with INFINITE’S new album.. P.s. If you are as big as an infinite fan as i am.. you are now part of Inspirit!!! XD!!

What’s Good? 1-16-11

I figured I’m going to start doing a segment with recent music that has been released and I’m going to call it.. WHAT’S GOOD?!

“Mary Stayed Out All Night” DRAMA REVIEW

After a long time, I welcome myself back with an awesome review of “Mary Stayed Out All Night!” “Mary Stayed Out All Night” or other wise known as “Marry me, Mary!” caught my interest not by the plot but, by two of the main lead roles in here. Any time you see a cute indie … Continue reading