Who else could it be other than…. Advertisements

I fail.

I promise.. coming soon.


I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH MY GRADE SCHOOLING!? As a result of that means I have more time to post and keep this thing running.

What’s Good? Mothers Day 05.08.11.

I totally fell off the face of the earth. That’s besides the point. IT’S MOTHERS DAY!!! So I did a Kpop girl addition with three song that’s I’m totallly obsessed with right now.


I am ashamed to show my face on this blog. I am so sorry! I know a lot of people look at this and I feel bad cause my viewers have shot down to like… ten a day versus my steady forty I had going. So, I’m going to post a bit tonight so, that … Continue reading

What’s Good? 2.21.11

So, I have good music for you today~ AHHHH!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?


I have been really busy with my high school work lately, I’m a Senior, and third quarter is the hardest! I’ll update on a couple things this weekend since I have a few things to talk about. Sorry!

Happy (LATE) lunar new year!

I hope everyone is blessed with a great year! 😀 and I’m currently in the works of what I should be doing next :3 So I’ll post a picture.


I will be gone and not updating in till the 24th. Please look forward to my “SECRET GARDEN” review along with INFINITE’S new album.. P.s. If you are as big as an infinite fan as i am.. you are now part of Inspirit!!! XD!!

TEEN TOP – Supa Luv