What’s Good? Mothers Day 05.08.11.

I totally fell off the face of the earth. That’s besides the point. IT’S MOTHERS DAY!!! So I did a Kpop girl addition with three song that’s I’m totallly obsessed with right now. Advertisements

What’s…AMAZINGGLY good? 3.19.11

I haven’t update in FOREVER awhile. Let me tell you this edition of “What’s Good?” is awesome! From BIG BANG’s comeback to Girls Day “Twinkle Twinkle”, you’ll be saying “My Heart is Beating”. Kekeke.

What’s Good? 2.21.11

So, I have good music for you today~ AHHHH!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?

What’s Good? 2.4.11.

Just know dear reader that you’re “Not Alone”. In my eyes you are my “V.V.I.P.”

What’s Good? 1-16-11

I figured I’m going to start doing a segment with recent music that has been released and I’m going to call it.. WHAT’S GOOD?!

TEEN TOP – Supa Luv

Seo In Young – Into the Rhythm

SISTAR – How Dare You

One Way- Rainy Days


What’s better than American indie music?

Korean Indie music! Thankful to ALLKpop.com, they showed the release of two indie korean bands. So naturally I had to take a look at this.One thing I realized about both of these videos are they are in a field… I guess it’s the thing to do in indie bands?