“My Princess” DRAMA REVIEW!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these due to the fact it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a drama. “My Princess” was the last one I’ve watched so, here we go!~

I want to become a princess. D:

This was absolutely a fun drama to watch. The over all performance, shooting, the environment, the plot, and the cast… man. I was waiting with absolute anxiety every week  for someone to so kindly sub this for me.  I think it was just a generally cute drama that someone like me could relate to. Relate to as in… if I was to become…a princess. I think the over all end product is great!

Synopsis from Hancinema states: “A romantic comedy about the love of a princess and one man.” I think that is a little short of what this drama really is about. It does follows the love story of Lee Seol, played by very popular actress Kim Tae Hee, and Park Hae-yeong, played by Song Seung-heon, and their relationship. Lee Seol recently just finds out that she is a princess. Then, the grandson of the Daehan group, Hae Young, is now put in charge of teaching her proper etiquette for being a princess. The only problem now is that if the monarchy of royalty is restored, Hae Young will loose all of the Daehan properties aka all of his inheritance. The main story line is also built up from the amazing back stories too! So it’s definitely a fun show to watch.

Cast Review: I think the chemistry between Tae Hee and Seung-heon is simply amazing! From the moment they met in episode 1, I was a full supporter of the two relationships in the show. Tae Hee really shined brightly for me in this show. I became a big fan since she had a really tough role to play. It was a constant up and down emotional roller coaster with her character.Seung-heon was such an attractive man too. His role of leading two sides, in every situation was easy to follow along with. To state it once again, their chemistry is awesome. The two main supporting actors Park Ye Jin and Ryu Soo Young did an awesome job as well! Park Ye Jin plays a role of being “engaged” to the character Hae Young and being a enemy in a sense to Tae Hee’s character in the show. Soo Young’s character of a mainly of a professor, was a subject of interest to Seol, being her teacher. As the show develops we start to see major developments between Ye Jin and Soo Young characters.

This review was a little hard for me since it’s been a couple months since I’ve seen the show but, hopefully you got a good feeling about this show, because you should totally put this one on your “to-watch” list!!!


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