What’s Good? Mothers Day 05.08.11.

I totally fell off the face of the earth. That’s besides the point. IT’S MOTHERS DAY!!! So I did a Kpop girl addition with three song that’s I’m totallly obsessed with right now.

First up: F(x)’s Pinocchio

I, first of all,  love……F(x). I think their new age style is just something needed and fun in the Kpop industry. Haters can hate but my F(x) girls, are my girls. I….was so devastated when they hadn’t come back for like… a year. I was so excited when they came back! Yes, they are having issues with their copyright issues but, I love their album. It’s funky, it’s fun, it has fresh beats… I love it. The outfits are super cool, with some exceptions (aka Krystal?) but I mean whatever, kpop is known for pushing concepts. The song is super addicting with the english parts in there and for none korean speakers (like me) I can make up my own words to this song very easily!

Listen to F(x)’s Pinocchio(Danger)

Second Off: SISTAR19 “Ma Boy”

SISTAR was probably my favorite rookie group ever when they first came out. They can sing like no bodies business, they have amazing dance abilities and they are just well rounded people. They know who they are and got it going for them. Their attitude is fierce and their music is up to par with it. When they said they were debuting with SISTAR19, I freaked out cause Hyorin is ….amazing. Her vocal skills are so intense. The song “Ma Boy” is a hot song. Along with the addictive chorus and the dance moves. I’m impressed with the strong takeoff with their everyday girl outfits, I’m diggin’ it. All I got to say is they got the vocal and the body waves down.

So check out SISTAR19’s “Ma Boy!”

Third!!: Apink’s “I don’t know”

-spazz out mode. Ok, when Apink started being promoted I was like… “ugh great, another girl group..meh meh.” This was after Raina a group i cant stand debut, and I was in the dumps. But, I started listening to their stuff and they reminded me of So Nyuh Shi Dae when they first came out. I have high hopes for them and I support them with full arms! Their cute image is actually nice and not obnoxious. Their voices are pure and have SO much potential. Apink Fighting!

Listen to Apink’s “I Don’t Know”


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