What’s…AMAZINGGLY good? 3.19.11

I haven’t update in FOREVER awhile. Let me tell you this edition of “What’s Good?” is awesome! From BIG BANG’s comeback to Girls Day “Twinkle Twinkle”, you’ll be saying “My Heart is Beating”. Kekeke.

Let me start of with like the biggest one of all of the come backs! BIG BANG! Let me tell you somettthhhing! I was completely blown away by their mini-album. I was not expecting Big Bang to consume my zune and my ears and my repeat button. If you are looking for something to just jam out to, seriously get this album! It comes with 6 tracks including the Korean version of their Japanese single, “Somebody to Love.” Since YG Entertainment is a beast, I will link you to a video to listen to their title track, “TONIGHT”, on youtube. Check it out or you’ll totally be missing out on what is amazingly good this week.

In till I can figure out links, just click the one bellowww!!

NEXT: INFINITE! (One of my MAJOR bias groups.)

Early INFINITE released their single, “BTD (Before The Dawn) bringing a cold city “NIOR” boy look to the stage. Along with it they brought crisp choreography and the oh-so-popular Scorpion dance that only few could pull off. Now the boys have returned with their single release of “Nothing’s Over”. Let me tell you I had a major fan girl moment when I saw the video for this. Not only have these boys made a great song, but they stole my heart. The song brings a happy beat and catchy tune (along with really good looks and moves) to capture your heart!

Check out INFINITE’s “Nothing’s Over!”

Are you ready for your heart to beat? Well, K.WILL will have you doing just that with his new single… “My heart is beating.” Now, I just really got into him even though I have heard his stuff and his name around for awhile. It wasn’t in till just this single release that I really realized the majesty that he holds in his voice!  I think he is super cool looking on top of that. Anyways, this song is a perfect ballad with a nice beat that doesn’t loose you like some songs do. The only thing that throws me off is the MV for the song? It has IU and Lee Joon in it… But I just, I don’t know. It seems a little awkward near the end like they didn’t know what to do or they were rushing. I don’t know. You check it out yourself.

K.Will’s “My Heart is Beating.”

FINALLLLLY, phew I’m so worn out from all these amazing releases, but it’s Girls Day’s turn! Let them brighten up your day even further with their new spunky track, “Twinkle Twinkle!” I was a fan of the ‘turn around’ group from the beginning let me start of saying. I was really upset to hear that two of the original members left so early as they did then they came out with “Nothing Lasts Forever,” and totally blew my mind! Well, this track is super cute, super upbeat and amazingly catchy to listen to. I think as of right now on my zune player, the song is at 20 listens? It’s saying something! So if you are looking for a song to show off/practice your aegyo this song is perfect!

Check out Girls Day, “TWINKLE TWINKLE”

REMEMBER: If any of these videos don’t play, please check them out on youtube, they probably are disabled embedding videos! Sorry for the inconvenience!! Thanks for reading!


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